Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Listen to my prayers,

monday morning i woke up with a thousand feelings, i was scared, i was excited, i was really missing someone that time, i wish i could be in the same class again with them.......
or at least him.........

i came to school around 6.10 in the morning, then i tried to find some of my friends, but i couldnt find them. i walked upstairs to the second floor, and there so many of my friends......i'm looking up for my name in of those social class, and i got the B class with nandita, icha, and rizka yeah we're four from tomodachi.............i tried to make sure that david is there to, but poor me, he's not in the same class with me......this thing makes we so low cant feel nothing at all for about 15 minutes. i ran away through the coridor and try to find mrs.nurhaya in the teacher room....... i found her and she was surprised too that im not in the same class with david, she took me to the find mr.warno yes i hate him much, he's the reason why i'm not in the same class with david.....i really cant breathe that time, it feels like everything stopped for a while. i hate that situation, i cant even do anything. my body's shakin so hard that time, so after the ceremony i stayed in counceling room. they gather around me and they tried to made me believe that i'm going to be in the same class with david. i cant do anything i was really exhausted and my body is freezing without any reasons.

the next day i came up to school again, and i met mrs. setyawati and mrs.nurhaya i beg for her kindness i really want her to understand me, that it isn't easy for me to not in the same class with david, its really killing me.......we had so much time spend together, and i dont want anybody change it..........in the night my health is dropped, my stomacache came up again, and this time is more painful than before...........mother took me to the doctor and he said that i have to do some health test, one of it is usg(ultrasonografi) yeah it sounds like i'm pregnant if i used that equipment, but that is for check up what's happen with my stomach this time, the doctor said that there's something wrong with it, for sure i haven eat for 3 days, i cant even think clearly now........on my mind i just cant stoop thinking about the possibilities which will coming up next after this, im not in the same class with david, which means he can forget me if he want to, i know it sounds too much......many haters already made their judgements on me, they blame on me cause they don't know why i feel comfort when david around me! he is so nice, he's not like the other....he's an ideal best friend, i know he's just an ordinary boy, but he's different in my eyes, he's better than the other, he knows how to treat me well...............i never met someone like him before, either its a girl or a boy for me they're the same as long as they can be nice to me, they know how treat me well, and they're kind. i dont know what should i do now, i've been in this bed for two days without any activities except sleeping and my mom force me to eat and.......it ends in the toilet again cause i've thrown out for three times a day, god why the teachers didn't understand me, i still wanna be in the same class with him god, i really looking forward to it :'(

please listen to my prayers, everynight im crying just because of this condition, i really dont like it, i wanna go back to school as soon as possible i miss my friends i miss everything! but i cant go back until this disease done.... god i still want in the same class with him :'(

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