Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

I beg You - Iznillah

I dont know what should I do now
You've been very busy with your new life
You've got everything you want, maybe they're perfect for you
I'm just a shit that have to be thrown away
It was just a little complication, but it change everything

You tried to take a distance from me
I beg you dont go...
You always said that we could do it together
But then you leave me here alone without saying any words
I beg you to remember it....
You've been so rude, you've been awful for me
And you always doing your best to avoid me...
I beg you to back like before....

Yesterday you always there when I need you
And you were really sensible and always asked me everything
You're the only one who boost my mood up
You've never hurt me this much, I knew that I was wrong, but
Could you just forget it all and back like before

I know you might be so dissapointed to me
But like you've always said, that you should accept everything
You promised me you won't leave me, but then I feel like you've tried to leave me softly
I swear i would never leave you for just kind of little problem
You're everyhting to me, and you've known that right?

Maybe this time I have to understand you, I will!
As long as you promise me, you will always becomin the one that i know, not anyone else
Im not ready to leave you for sure
Too many things i still remember, im not going to end up this thing
I beg you for stay the same as long as you can.....

Hallo semuaaa maaf udah lama gak nge-post lagu idatas baru gue buat tanggal 29 Juli 2011 kemarin disaat semua orang sedang sibung ulangan remedial reported speech, yak gue sibung dengan kedesperate-an diri gue sendiri LOL gak usah diomongin lagi, cuma sekarang gue butuh bantuak siapapun yang bisa arransemen lagu ini dan cariin nadanya untuk di akustik-in atau di pop slow, kalian bisa hubungin gue di @iznillahiftah yah makasih :)

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