Senin, 21 Maret 2011

What would you do if you were myself?

Everybody said that i'm so lucky, but the fact i'm not so lucky as you think
Everybody said being myself is perfect, but the fact i'm just an ordunary person
Everybody said i have very beuatiful and perfect life, but the fact sometimes i feel it's not
Everybody said i'm good person, myself is so friendly, but sometimes i feel i often hurt someone's heart

I'm trying to be happy outside and i tried to not saying this all that im feelin so sad tonight.
I dont know why, but since i was in Kuala Lumpur last week, i realize how lucky people around, also me. But i never been so happy like that time. I have kakak Gina that always joking everywhere, she made me laugh as big as i can. I also have Kak kus that have a flat expression even if he is happy, i have kak esti even she's not much talk to me but she's nice person, i have mas luthfi that really nice when i was in bad mood last Saturday in Suria KLCC. He's trying to tell funny story but i think its not funny, but i dont know why i want to laugh hahahaha :D. next i have aa fadli he's a nice person even though he ruinin my mood on friday night when we were arguing about Bulgoggi sauce! so sorry but i have to said that you're soooo "sotoy" that night and in the end you choose what i choose-__-. but they know how to give a great services to their guests.

Last night i dont know why, but i feel "its time to back to my normal life" when there are no one can make me as happy as when i in KL. tonight we stay so late in Circle K, and we did an off the record conversation between me, fika, and lisa. hmmm most of it we talk about lisa. since i often gone with her, so i know what she feels right now. since Kak Intan left me alone and she's so busy with her husband and her jobs, i just have 2 persons that know me so well now and it is fika and lisa. i love them so much.

I know sometimes they feel so sad because of their mom. but they can understand it, but fika sometimes she still feels that she's lonely. i told her that you still have many peoples who loves you and you dont have to feel so jealous with aa fadli. she understands it and i'm proud of her, but sometimes i dont like her way treat her brother. he's really kind he loves your mom he did whatever you want and so on..... do you ever feel if you were me? i'm alone, i dont have anybody else in my life except my mom and dad that care about me much? my best friends? one by one they left me alone. friends? they just care about my money and my skills, after that?they leave me too. families: they dont know u so well. Mom&dad? yes they know you, but howw they won't live forever around you! you guys have to open your eyes what would you do if you were Iftah Iznillah Aziz that only lives alone in this planet we called earth?

you have to loves around you!
yes you have your brothers&sisters, even sometimes they are so annoyin
you have to love your mom&dad!!!! LOVE THEM cause if they're gone from our life, how?
the lasts you have to love your Best friends, cause even they leave you, one day they will come back to you and they will realize how they love you :')

I dont mean to hurt somebody in this posts, but i just want you guys realize, and introspect yourself and how it feels to be an only child, dont have any brothers and any sisters......i envy you guys who can share with your bro&sist :D how it feels? is it nice or sucks? LOL but it must be so funny :).

-No Offense just for sharing-

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