Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

You're Special cause there are some reasons :)

-Bunda[Amina Said Bahasuan]: she's my everything, she knows how to treat me well, and of course she has tried her best to make me life and live in this planet they called earth, i love you mom! :)

-Mama[Nazma Said Bahasuan]: she's my fairygod mother, she can't hear something makes me sick or kind of that...she always there, she's the best aunt i've ever had, love you mama! :)

-Ayah[Drs.H.M.Iqbal Aziz]: his kind of unfriendly if you meet him for the first time, he doesn't like someone who makes him and his family feel uncomfortable...he's not the best father..but he always do his best for me and i thank god for give him as my father:)

-Tante Bambang[Sri Ernawati]: she's not a direct family of mine, but our family loves her mucho!!! she and her family is so kind with us, i never thought i could met someone like tante hmm sometimes i want to call him mama too, cause she's similar like another mama :)

-Mami[Inong(Elly)Gamaria Said Bahasuan]: hmmm mami is so nice to me, she loves to laugh and no ones can make a sambal as spicy as her sambal.....she's the one which have more patient comparing between mama&bunda and she loves to give me some good advices:)

-Papi[Donny Nofrianto Cholil Siregar]: mr. president! he's a politician, he loves to debate with me LOL, and we have so much in common such as we love to sing, and debating about government and what happened in this country :)

-Aunty Ivo[Fauziah Said Bahasuan]: even tho sometimes i assume her as desperate person cause she always having a problem with me and my mom or other family member, but i knew that she's a nice women.....the condition makes her like that, but she's funny anyway LMAO

-Melisyow[Melissa Retno Kusumaningtyas]: my beloved sister!!! even tho we're not from one mom or father also grandpa or grandma but she's one of million people around me who cares to me and even tho sometimes i did wrong to her i still love her as my big sist anyway :)

-Rafikeee[Rafika Nur Fauzia]: my best friend, my cousins! even tho *again* we're not a family, but i treat her and the others like my family! anyway fika has already became my best friends since we were in heaven!

-Bang Kindi[Alkindi]: i forgot his last name, but he's still the best comparing from the other cousins, cause he taught me everything i cant! he was the one who taught me how to use a computer when i was 5 years old, and we have so much in common! we love to play tycoon is one of the same things between us, now i believe he's already rest in peaceful place we called as heaven :')

-Ato'[Said Bahasuan]: speechless...................................i love him much!!!!!! yes i'm a golden grandson! why? cause im the first grandson he ever had! and from longtime waiting for about 9 years my mom can't pregnant, so one day when they were back from a holly land Mecca, my mom is pregnant and i became the first grandson of Said Bahasuan Family tree, love you grandpa!!! i know you are happy now with Allah :')

-Endah[Mas'ad Harris]: she loves to cook! and all around Cikini Neighborhood has admited her food taste! i dont have many special things with my grandma, but all i know is i love her, and of course she loves me too, she's in heaven now :')

-Kak Intan[Intan Syahnaz Layyinna, dr.]: hmmmmm she was the best in my heart, but it was about 2/3 years ago, now i dont think so, she's just the same with the other, no special things tho :/

-Bang Arief[Arief Munandar, dr.]: i dont care it's already end or not, all i know is bang arief one of the coolest guy, the most patient person, and maybe the most obedient boy for his parents! he told me everything! he always give me many advices when i got down, and he loves the people around him, i thought the people did the same thing to him :) *dont ever angry if i write about bang arief!cause
THIS IS MY BLOG! means i can do anything!

-Om Bambang[Prof.Dr.H.Bambang Kusumant Msc]: phewwh.-___-he has many titles in his name hmmm its equal with what have his done! his a clever person! he loves to make some jokes :) and he loves to sing!!!

-Dara[Sibil Aina Azka Siregar]: my cousins which now she's growin up, i dont why she loves smash so much...... it's silly i think, but i dont care, everybody have their own idol isnt it? hmm she's a writer to same as me, and i'm 2 years older than her

-Donna[Donna Almira Nasution]: a girl...........................which have....................very special place in my heart since 3 year ago LOL, i love her as my best friend, no one knows how i felt about her exactly, hmm but i like being her friend, cause we have many similarities hahaha love you don :)

-aa Fadli[Fadli Nurhasan]: i met him for the first time last January, and i thought that he's kinda freak guy who loves to backpacking and hurt himself stupid-_-, but gradually when i met him last 2 weeks in malaysia, i felt that he's nice persons, and he cares to everyone around him, and suddenly i felt he has similar manner as bang arief and his accent when he talks with Sundanese Language is similar with bang kindi :/ and sometimes he cares to me that's all.....

-Sultan Borneo[Luthfian Hakim]: same like aa! he's one of the freakiest guy i ever met, but the different between aa and mas luthfi is aa is more talkative than mas luthfi, but mas luthfi could be very funny and somtimes "jayus" tho-_-, hahaha but i love being around him when i was in KL last 2 weeks :)

-Chalendryx-Lexcious All Base: No one can replace them in my heart! love you groupie :)

-Glee Cast: don't you know that you're toxic? i'm addicted to you guys, and there are no medicines can help me out from this addictive substance

so now you know how much i love you guys! cause there are some reasons :)

"Tak Kenal maka Tak Sayang"

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